Highlander Statistics Society

at University of California Riverside

HiSS is the go-to club for statistics enthusiasts at UCR, fostering a dynamic community through workshops and socials.

About HiSS

The Highlander Statistics Society (HiSS) is a student organization whose purpose is to form unity and friendship among students majoring or interested in statistics. HiSS works to promote scholarship and interest in statistics while informing people about opportunities and challenges that are present in the field. Through social, academic, and service events, HiSS strives to build a strong community among its club members in addition to encouraging involvement and success in statistics.

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The Highlander Statistics Society (HiSS) aims to bring together students who are interested in statistics across various disciplines. The club was founded in Spring 2010 and has been a consistent source of assistance and opportunity for undergraduates. HiSS works to promote academic achievement by fostering a supportive environment where students can learn and collaborate together. Club activities include R and Python coding workshops, social events, community service, and participation in the annual Datafest competition.

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